Unit 2: Previewing and Predicting

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About Course

Previewing is a high-speed reading skill. It is a powerful skill because by previewing, the reader gains enough information from the text to begin hypothesizing about it and to begin the cognitive process of matching new information with what is already taken.

In our daily lives, we preview automatically. When we receive a letter, we check the return address, the postmark, the size and shape of the envelope, the style of the stationery, the handwriting, and other characteristics in a split second before we open it. We want to know what to expect. And when the students sign up for a new course, they read the syllabus to find out what to expect during the semester. And before most people decide to buy a book or not, they preview it by reading the front and back covers and maybe the table of contents, and the author’s name; they note the book’s length, and other features.

Then, as you become more familiar with the text of your specific discipline area (economics, history, engineering, etc.), you will become better at predicting the kinds of questions you might find answers to in the text. You can guess what will be in the passage. This is called predicting. When there is a title, a picture, or some other information about what you will read, stop, and think!

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What Will You Learn?

  • After learning this unit, you are expected to be able to:
  • 1. preview and predict texts;
  • 2. identify parts of speech: nouns and verbs;
  • 3. write a summary of a short paragraph;

Course Content

Part A: Previewing
Previewing gives students a glimpse into the content of the article without reading the entire article.

  • What are Previewing?
  • Sample Exercise 1
  • Previewing a Textbook
  • Sample Exercise 2
  • Previewing Chapters of Books
  • Sample Exercise 3
  • Previewing Articles and Essay
  • Sample Exercise 4
  • Previewing Books for Pleasure Reading
  • Sample Exercise 5

Part B: Predicting
Predicting gives students a glimpse into the content of the article without reading the entire article.

Let’s Do More Exercises on Previewing and Predicting
Students are obliged to finish all the exercises found in the attached files. The file submitted is in .pdf form in no longer that 2 MB. The due date is one week after this unit is done.  Upload your work by clicking this link. Name your file as in example: Name_NIM_Previewing/Predicting

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