Unit 3: Building a Powerful Vocabulary

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About Course

Building a powerful vocabulary means more than learning new words. It means leaning new ways to think about words. In this unit you will learn some thinking skills that will help you guess the meaning of unknown words. Then you will learn how to use some functions words to understand what you read.

For enhancing reading comprehension, the key vocabulary items are often no the content words but function words (Cooper, 1984) which serve as cohesion devices, tying the text together and signaling the relationships between concepts and ideas. These function words, an essential component of vocabulary development for skilled reading, include pronouns, synonyms, hyponyms, summary words, and the lexical items which signal the relationship between ideas in a text (i.e., however then, also).

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What Will You Learn?

  • The students will learn to guess the meaning of unknown words. And, they will learn how to use synonyms and pronouns to help them understand what they read.

Course Content

Using the Context to Guess Unknown Words
This course will show you how make a significant improvement with your English vocabulary.

  • What is Context?
  • Sample Exercise 1

Guessing Meaning from Context

Function Words
Function words are words that have a grammatical purpose.

Let’s Do More Exercises
Students are obliged to finish all the exercises found in the attached files. The file submitted is in .pdf form in no longer that 2 MB. The due date is one week after this unit is done.  Upload your work by clicking this link. Name your file as in example: Name_NIM_Building a Powerful Vocabulary

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